Your mess is beautiful

Make-up, Messy people

Mess, beautiful? Yes!

On a weekly basis I am used to being moaned at for my mess, whether it is leaving a mess around the house (SORRY MUM) or “forgetting” to tidy my bedroom before my grandparents come round. What is perhaps only a weekly basis after 19 years starts to feel like I’m moaned at every day, every hour and every minute for being the ‘messiest one in the house’ of a family of five and two dogs!

So here’s why mess is beautiful:

Reason number 1: The ‘messy’ bun vs The ‘neat’ bun

First up: The ‘messy’ bun
messy bun (2)

Above is our generations beloved ‘messy’ bun the effortless way to chuck your hair up, literally some times chuck and still look like you made some sort of effort when leaving the house. This look takes mere moments to prepare for, whether you’re sporting freshly washed hair, or you skipped the shower that morning (for the last 2 days) it’ll work. It requires perhaps a bobble and a few slides.

Rate: 10/10 for its lack of prep and equipment and for the sheer easiness of the whole style.

VS: The ‘neat and tidy’ bun

neat bun (2)

It is undeniable that the second style is somewhat pretty but if we were to try and be metaphorical it would remind us of ourselves at those family parties you really just don’t want to be at: Forced and unhappy. It is the style that would most definitely compliment resting b*itch face. This scraped back look leaves no room for error as a simple hair out of place could cause disastrous consequences. Any sign of grease would be given away immediately due to the perfectness. The preparation therefore would take much longer and the equipment needed would be extensive, whether you use donuts or scrunchies, bobbles, nets, the options truly are endless…

Rate: 6/10 for the fact that less lazy people look beautiful with this perfect style.

Reason number 2: The book shelf

First up: The cluttered book storage

messiness is beautiful tooOkay, so truth be told I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm so hence the reason this comes into our messy vs tidy debate. The way I would always have 2,3 or even 4 books on the go always seemed so perfectly imperfect. Delving into different fantasies whenever I chose, the stories always seemed to be messy, the timeline would jump around from chapter to chapter and in some the narrators would change. So if our stories are messy why shouldn’t our storage of them be a little cluttered?

VS: The neat and sometimes even colour coordinated book storage

14359491_532189953655087_2116274289_nPhoto Credit- My mum.

Now okay it is safe to say that my mother’s colour-coordinated shelf of fiction and non-fiction is a work of art. My love of books was most certainly inherited by her.

Side note:  You should see our dining room now, it is a full libary of books!

So I think¬† I lost this fight, colour coordinated books look pretty special, and she now has them catorgorised by author and genre. But who has time for that…

Reason number 3: Make-up

The only way: Making one hell of a mess

messy make uoIn the age where we all seem to have become self professed MUA’s, I have most certainly followed this trend. I LOVE make-up, I’m always on the quest to find designer dupes from the high street for financial and investigative reasons, I’ll include some of my fave’s down below. If you were to say that your make-up process is neat and tidy you would be telling a great massive lie, creativity breeds from mess. That beautiful smokey eye your going for took 4 palettes, tape, 2 different concealers and a whole pack of wet wipes.


To conclude, whether your a neat or a messy person, it is okay! Neither means your better or worse than someone else, there is beauty in both. But if you’re like me and you’re creatively messy then just remember that if the ‘mess starts to clutter your brain, that’s when it’s gone too far’!